Tuesday, June 1, 2010

T Minus 20 and Counting....

Well, it's all becoming more official.  We are now officially in June, we are now officially on the countdown of many things: Toms first prom, my birthday, Toms graduation, Toms graduation BBQ at church (not just his, but he is part of the brood of graduates), me and the kids heading down to Stockton, somewhere in there my new little niece being born, and then the real official date: JUNE 21, the day I take Tom to the hotel and drop him off to be shipped to Georgia the next day. Somehow, I suspect the next three weeks are going to be a blur, which is sad to me because suddenly I feel the urge to cram all the would have should have could haves in, which of course will be impossible. But I plan to enjoy, to the best of my ability, the next three weeks. The pride of seeing him in his tux, with his beautiful (in every way) girl on his arm heading to prom. The joy of watching him walk the platform and receive his diploma. The fun of a long car ride with him and the other chickadees. And somehow try to enjoy the time of driving him up to Sacramento, checking him into his hotel, taking him to dinner: just him and I, and then dropping him back off at the hotel, and not see him again for at least three months. I love my children with every fiber of my being, but I am not really one of these mushy kind of moms...I envy those moms sometimes, but, that is just not who I am: or at least not who I thought I was, now that we are on a very short countdown, I am discovering I am MUCH more mushy that I originally thought.
If my son ever reads this, I hope he knows how VERY much I love him, how VERY honored I have been to raise him and call him son, and how VERY proud of him I am of how he has "turned out", the life choices he has made.
I know I am a rambler, but I just needed to ramble today. :0)


Tawny said...

Oh, do enjoy these weeks! XOXOXO

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