Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer So Far

Well, summer has struck the great North Coast. Well, at least Blue Lake that is.  I love the weather we have here in Humboldt, again, at least here in Blue Lake. I have lived here the majority of  my life and still it never ceases to amaze me how just a couple of short miles inland (Blue Lake) completely changes the weather. It will be foggy in the next town over, but beautiful and sunny here, and even hotter just a few more short miles inland where we have some family property we get to enjoy whenever we want (schedule allowing). So, summer so far: Tom is gone (I know, I sound like a broken record, but you send your firstborn off into their adult life and see how you handle it :0) ). We are all adjusting pretty well. We all miss him a lot, and God has been so good to us to keep us busy and occupied. I never though I would call the business of our lives "good" but, all that business keeps us from being a bunch of whiners about being a man down around here. We are doing our best to take full advantage of our inland property while we can.  Kids playing in the creek, trying to catch lizards, trying to catch butterflies, campfires, more creek time...quality time with family and friends that does not require a TV or anything electronic. Just good old fashion fellowship in the great outdoors. Asides from a sunburn here or there, occasional scraped knees, tic checks at the end of each day, we have it pretty good around here. I feel so blessed that God loves me so much. I can't wait to share summer times at the creek with new friends, old friends and just some one on one family time. Summer so far, has been an amazing adventure for us, certainly nothing dull about this summer. Can't wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for us. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer as well!!! Blessings!!!

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