Monday, July 27, 2009

She Talked Me Into It

Just had to share a couple of pictures.
Maggie really really really wanted to cut her hair short...she has actually been asking me to let her do it for some time now...but I LOVE her hair long. So, here is a picture of her beautiful long hair.Well...we went to Medford over the weekend and she finally talked us into it. Of course, having short hair had NOTHING to do with her good friend Riley cutting her hair short (of course not.) Here is a picture of the back:
She looks adorable with this cut... I like it better than the last time we cut her hair short...the last time we gave her bangs, which did not work out so hot because she has a natural part in her hair that goes all the way down the basically, her bangs had a part too, so I told them to keep her bangs long and this is what we got. SHE LOVES IT!!! I am still having a hard time with the short hair, but again...she does look so cute with this style. She wanted shorter, this is as short as I would let her go though.

Anyway.....I am sure I will blog again soon...just too much going on today, but I wanted to share the pics of Maggie's haircut.
Have a wonderfully blessed day.


Julene said...

It is a really cute cut!! I wish I had hair that would lay like that, I would get the same cut! :0)

Tawny said...

She looks older with her hair shorter. It is a very cute cut! :)

Michelle said...

Wow! Lindy & I Love it. Please tell Miss Maggie that we think she is just lovely!