Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm On What We Will Call...Blackout


This weekend, we moved our Monday night home bible study to Friday night Redwood Creek bible study. Almost everyone made it...and we also were blessed to have a few extras to come and enjoy an evening of fun, fellowship, study and even a little creek playing for some of them.
SO, what do I mean by blackout? Well, this wonderful little guy:
on Saturday, while it was just Erik, Me, Maggie and him (Noah), were all relaxing in the creek, decided to run up the hill and find some goggles. While up at the trailer, he heard my phone beep that I had a, without even thinking about the repercussions of what COULD happen, I told him to just bring the phone down to me. Well, what COULD happen....DID happen. He got right on the dock, about 20 feet away from me and my cell phone jumped right out of his hands and into the creek. It is completely dead. Thank the Lord for phone insurance, with a $50 new phone will be here in 2-3 business days. So, if you are not hearing from me, like's because I have no cell phone. I am hoping and praying that somehow someway they are able to get my phonebook off my phone and onto my new phone....we shall see.

Other than that, we had a GREAT time...I love to just relax and spend time with my family...and when we are down at the creek, that is exactly what we get to do. I float on a floaty chair that keeps me half in the water and half out of the water, and I watch my kids collect rocks or skip rocks, or have contests to see who can hold their breath the longest....all along, my husband is walking either up creek, or down creek, or just floating in the water as well. I love those moments.
Here are a couple of pictures of what it is looking like down there now.
Have a wonderfully blessed day.

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Julene said...

AAHHHH, a little slice of heaven on earth!