Friday, December 11, 2009

It's the Most Stressful Time of the Year

Sing it with me now....It's the most stressful time....of the yeaaaaar!! ;0)
Really....I cannot believe how stressed I have been over this wonderful wonderful wonderful time of remembrance that my SAVIOR was born. I think it's stressful to me because that "I have to please everybody" thing kicks in. NO other time of the year to I feel I have to please EVERYBODY....I feel quite confident in being who God made me....being directed to do what He wants me to do....for who HE wants me to do...and it usually does not encompass EVERYBODY all at once. But then Christmas comes along....and my heartrate increases...I break out in a sweat....and I feel like I am going to vomit. I feel this intense pressure that I have to BUY something for EVERYBODY for Christmas, or they will think I don't love them...and I don't know about you, but we didn't get one of those wonderful tree's out in the back yard that you can just go pick money off of....the Lord provides for us....but again, we are not "made of money". It gets so bad for me, that I look at what I have gotten my own children and feel like I am letting them down. I have a sickness....a sickness that is at it's peak at Christmas time.

WELL NOT ANYMORE SATAN!!! I have determined that I am NOT and let me repeat NOT going to let the devil have the victory over me on this one. We all know Christmas is not about the presents....we all know it's not about how much we spend on each other....but somehow, the enemy sneaks in and makes it all about those things....we need to rewind our minds and remember....AS WONDERFUL AS PRESENTS ARE....IT IS NOT NOT NOT WHAT CHRISTMAS IS!!!

Here is what Christmas is to me: Christmas, first and absolutely foremost, is about one of the most wonderful events to ever happen in human history....our Savior gave up HIS throne in heaven....He humbled Himself....and was born, born to do a job here on we can go to heaven without having to do anything but believe and accept HIM. I know we know that, and kind of skim over it this time of year...but REALLY.....think about it....HE WAS IN HEAVEN WITH GOD....HE HAD EVERYTHING.....AND HE GAVE IT ALL UP....WHY....BECAUSE HE LOVES US!! BECAUSE HE KNEW WE NEEDED A SAVIOR...SOMEONE TO SAVE US FROM THE WRETCHEDNESS OF SIN!! THAT should be our focus. Not presents, not getting presents, not giving presents. I am not saying...don't give gifts...I am saying don't be so focused on giving gifts and pleasing everybody that we forget THE GIFT. We have gotten so far off track....and we need to get back. And's about coming together with family and friends and loving on each other and creating memories with each other...that is a great great gift.

I DEEPLY LOVE EVERY friend God has placed in my life....but I cannot afford to buy something for every one of matter how much I want to. We have determined, Erik and I, that we have to scale back...and we are starting that this year, please know that just cause you don't get a gift from us, does not mean we don't love you...WE DO!!

So, I am changing my "Most Stressful Time of the Year" back to.... "It's the Most WONDERFUL Time of the Year!" I am taking back my heartrate...and wiping the sweat from my brow and holding down my cookies.. :0)

Hope this is not too much ramblin on...have a blessed day!


Julene said...

So good!!! Soooo true! Who says we have to please everyone!!! Thats oppresion if I have ever heard it! Jesus didn't please everyone, lets face it, even his very birth caused many to be DISPLEASED!! Wow, Satan has packed a wallop on us to make us believe we must give the best and to everybody at this time of year. Lets just give of ourselves:0)

Julene said...

PS - can you tell I haven't gone shopping yet!

Tawny said...

OOPs, I thought I was just supposed to make sure I had a good Christmas! :)