Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year's 2010.  I really have a hard time believing it.  Well, accepting it is more like it.  So, if you ever read my know that I am very proud to say that I have a teenage son who has joined the Army....all that has been wonderful until 2009 turned into 2010.  I don't know what came over me....but the new year overwhelmed me with the reality that 2010 is when Tom GRADUATES HIGH SCHOOL!!! And even more...2010 is when he leaves for bootcamp.  For some reason, when it was 2009 it seemed far off...but now that it is officially 2010....not so far away.  Yes...we have about six more months..but is only SIX more months....grrr. I am working very hard to hold in the tears....I can't be "Sappy Mom" for the next six months....I will have to wait till like the last five months maybe... ;-)

So, today...the kids are back in school, the hubby is at work, and I have my home back to myself. A friend and I were just talking last night about how much we aboslutely adore our families....but having our homes to ourselves is something to be cherished.  I can actually get things done when there are no distractions around.  So, I have the chicken tortilla soup going in the crock pot and a spice cake baking in the oven...all for bible study tonight..I can fold my laundry in my own time with no distractions....I can clean up the kitchen in my own time, with no distractions.  Then, my family will come home, friends will come over, we will study God's word....and it will all be so very wonderful. I ache for ALL my friends and family to be right next door, or just down the street so we can all get together whenever we want....but it's time for me to stop being a whiner about it and be thankful for emails, that make some drives 3.5 hrs...others 6 hrs. Thankful to have all these people in our life...for just the right moments in just the right places....with just the right things to say or things to do.

It's a new year....and it's going to be a dramatically changing year for my of longing for things I can't have (like Mom's who live in the same town as me...sister's who live on the street between us and friends that live close enough to meet for coffee) I am going to enjoy every moment of this year...

Happy New Year everybody...have a wonderfully blessed day.

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Tawny said...

It is crazy to have kids growing up! I am freaking out because Devin has his first girlfriend! :)