Thursday, May 13, 2010

Duty Calls

I guess for the most part "Duty Calls" is more a Thomas thing, than mine...going into the Army and all, however, I am struggling with my duty call at being his mom. Don't get me's not a struggle to be his mom...well, not always...but it is a struggle watching him turn 18, and knowing he is graduating soon and going off to start his life as a U.S. Soldier. I am so proud of him, and yet....fighting an overwhelming sadness at the same time.  I was NOT prepared for how him turning 18 was going to shake me up as much as it has....I can only imagine what will happen when he is actually gone?!?!?!?!!! It has been hard, at times, being a mom...and yet an overwhelming joy watching him grow into the young man he has become.  It's like I blinked and we went from talking about Hot Wheels to talking about his future plans for life....and by future, I mean a month from now...A MONTH FROM NOW!!! It has all reminded me to savor every moment with my other two at home.  We still have quite a few years before they are off and running, but again...try not to blink, cause that IS how fast it goes. Ahhhh...well, that is my rambling for today....a woe is me, my baby is not a baby anymore...grrr....
Hope everyone has a great day!!

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Tawny said...

I totally get it. I am already feeling that way with Devin and he is only 13!!! I guess we should just be thankful we love them so much. :)