Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retreat: Part 2

Ok, retreat part 2...uh.....AMAZING!!!
The above picture is of me and three of the most amazing women I know....my only problem is there are about 5 other women who should have been in that picture.  Hopefully after next years retreat, I will have a pic of us all to share with you.
SO, retreat....Faith, Hope, Love...that was our theme.  I knew that going in, and I knew that there were going to be three workshops that ran simultaneously on each of those three subjects, it was so hard for me to figure out what one I was supposed to go to, all the way up until the first night there, then God made it clear to me where I needed to go.  I went to: Love. My wonderful friend taught the class, she did an amazing job! I am so thankful for her. So, her class reminded me of some things I had neglected, but you know how sometimes, the journey is way better than the destination....it was kind of like that for me this weekend.  I don't know that I would say that being there and fellow shipping was better than the class...it's more like it was just as good as the class. The Lord spoke to me through so many avenues this weekend, and I am so thankful for such an amazing God!
One thing I will touch on is that things get crazy sometimes in a marriage, mine is certainly no different.  Going to this retreat in the midst of a very hard time for me and my man, I needed to step back and see things for what they really were.  A couple things I was reminded of was that I am not God to my man, and I need to quit trying to do God's job....it's God's job, not mine. My job is to be there for my man, loving him and supporting him....God's job (and my man's) is the rest.  It was almost liberating for me to realize that is what I have been doing. Well, maybe not almost...it IS liberating. 
Another thing God showed me, which may not make sense to a lot of people, is, I have a little guy who gets pretty emotional and when he is on overload, he really breaks down....and the way I calm him is to take his face in my hands, make him take a deep breath, make him look me in they eyes and I gently tell him, "It's o.k., everything is going to be just fine...you need to calm down, it's o.k." Well, as you can imagine, THAT exact thing is what I felt the Lord telling me this weekend, I "felt" HIM cup His hands around my face, tell me to focus on Him, keep breathing, and tell me, "It's o.k., everything is going to be just fine, just focus on me, it's o.k."  MAN, I love the Lord!!! I am so thankful He is in control of my life!!
Well, that was a couple of highlights of my retreat....there really is so much more, like ladies being baptized in the ocean, ladies being baptized in the lake, good food, speed loving, fellow shipping till the wee hours of the morning and laughing harder than I have in a long while....so much fun, so little words.
Hope you all have an amazing day! <3


Julene said...

Love this post! God is sooo amazing and it isn't even difficult to give Him all the glory! I love that retreat was not great for any one thing that was planned or prepared, but for the wholeness of what God does while we are there. Retreat isn't the only time God 'sees us' but it is a time when we know without a shadow of a doubt that He 'sees us' and He speaks so sweetly and softly to us. I wish the whole world could go on retreat with God :0)

joah katina said...


(Sorry my comment is so brief - but it is my attempt to make blogging as easy as facebooking...and I wrote a whole post about that...)