Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's funny...well, not funny funny, but you the enemy ALWAYS tries to suck away the joy and peace that God gives us. He has been real good with the "overtime" right now. Tomorrow, I leave with my two little ones and my daughter-in-law, down to my sister's in Stockton...and today has been stressful. I am so thankful He reminded me who HE is in my life and who I am in HIS life, last weekend....because it's those things that I can draw from when the battle seems tough. This is a joyous time for me....I got to spend an amazing weekend last weekend with some amazing ladies....and I get to spend the next week with more amazing people....Sarah, Maggie, sister Brandy, her husband Jeff and all my nieces and nephews. I am SOO excited!!
So, even in this stressful day, with my enemy trying so hard to dislocate me....I am in awe of how much my God loves me and how much I love HIM, and He takes the stress and carries it for me, and I can just go about the business of being excited!!!
I am so thankful HE IS RISEN!!
Have a wonderfully blessed day!


Tawny said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Natalie said...

You seemed so distracted today! I hardly got a chance to even talk with you. Have a great trip and enjoy your time. I think the baby shower for Kayla will be either May 8 or 9. What do you think? Fri. night or Sat. afternoon??? Let me know if you get a chance okay? Hoping her mom will be able to make it down, too.
PS Thanks for making those cookies! I didn't know you did that!! That was so sweet.

Julene said...

I LOVE THIS BACKGROUND!!! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. Be sure and tell Brandy Hi from me. Love ya!