Monday, May 18, 2009

Redwood Creek Part 2

What a busy week we have had...we did finally make it up to Redwood Creek this weekend...almost all of us. Tom was working, so it was just Erik and I and the little ones...the previous pictures I posted were from a year or so ago and over the winter, the weather ruined our canopy that was on our deck, so here is another picture with what we did this weekend. Of course, it looks better when you are actually there. We opted for a screened tent so we can easily take it down at the end of the summer and not have to worry about the weather.
We had a nice time getting a couple of things done, there is still a little bit to get done, but it won't take long. We have decided (THANK THE LORD) to not do a whole lot this year...we would like to just actually enjoy it instead of working it the whole summer.
Anyway, just thought maybe you would like to see the update on the property. Can't wait to enjoy it as a family....and can't wait to enjoy it with friends....hint hint!!
Have a wonderfully blessed day!!

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Tawny said...

Oh, that looks so pretty! I can't wait to go camping!