Monday, May 11, 2009

Redwood Creek

Today is the first day of a new that should prove interesting...why interesting....I would have to ask if you have met my husband....he is interesting indeed!! I love him with every fiber of my being, and he certainly makes this life we live a roller coaster ride, with very few stops. The sun is out...which means he pretty much has one thing on his mind....REDWOOD CREEK!
Redwood Creek is a wonderful place that is owned by the Jackson Family, and it's big enough that we all can stake out our little piece of land and do what we want with it. It's right on a creek with a great swimming hole, sitting near the bottom of a beautiful valley.
My family and some friends have worked very hard to make our little section what it is now. It's beautiful, we are blessed. All that being dear, wonderful husband gets slightly obsessed at this time of the year and most of our talk is Redwood Creek is currently 9:30 in the morning and he should have left for work an hour and a half ago....but instead got caught up in Redwood Creek talk. In the past, and creeping into the present, is the sheer frustration I get when all he wants to talk about is Redwood Creek...I don't know why, but it just irks me. As I start the feel the fingers of that frustration creep up on me this morning, I also felt the Lord "creep" up on me too and remind me of a couple of things: 1) I really do love Redwood Creek and feel incredibly blessed to have access to it. and 2) He is my husband and I need to honor him, and sometimes honoring him means listening with great intent to his million and one plans for our little slice of land down there, and then listen to him change his mind a million and one more times, and know that in the end it will all work itself out...I just need to be patient. Honoring my husband is the most important thing to me in all of this...we may not see eye to eye, we may have totally different idea's on what to do, but honoring him means letting him know my idea's and conceding to what comes out in the end.

Tawny asked in her blog if we ever annoy ourselves....and I will give a hearty YES to that....I annoy myself when I fall into wanting things MY way, and forgetting that this life is not all about me, that I have a Lord to live for, a husband to honor and respect and love, and children to adore and raise to HIS glory...I do fit into all of it, because when I live for all of the above...I AM living for me, just not ABOUT me!
Have a wonderfully blessed day!!


Tawny said...

I love what you said about you are living for you, just not about you! Our lives are so much better when we live for others! XO

Julene said...

Ditto to what Tawny and you both said!!!! I just got a shot of that yesterday (realization that its not ABOUT me)
Love that new fire pit Erik built! Can't wait to join you guys there:)

Sherri said...

Link Group at Andresa and Erik's!!!!!!

Andresa said...

Bring it on....anytime!! WOOHOO!!