Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook Sept. 8

For Today...September 8

Outside my window... cool morning, quiet, calm a good mix of fog and sun...only the Lord knows what the day will turn out to be.

I am thinking... How blessed I am with a great family, wonderful friends, and wonderful adventures (not matter how small they may seem to others)

From the learning rooms... I learned that if you put your pointer finger up and blow out a candle with it between you and the candle...the wax won't splash! Maybe I should have known this all along, but it's true, you learn something new every day!! Thanks Mike and Julene for my lesson. ;0)

I am thankful for... fellowship with good friends, old and new...had a great weekend.

From the kitchen...well, we are close to out of food...we ARE out of coffee and that is as close to sin and I care to get...so I have to go to the market today...then I will know what is "from the kitchen" today.

I am wearing... Jeans, long sleeve shirt with a guitar pic on it that says "Pick Jesus" and slippers.

I am reading... mmmmm, one of these days I am going to be able to actually put the title of a book that I am reading on this line.

I am hoping... for heaven, or a place and time when all my friends and I can all be in the same zip code at the same time and be able to fellowship whenever we want....something tells me that is gonna have to wait for heaven.

I am creating... a new attitude about life and love and who God is in my life and love.

I am praying... that the Saunders family does not catch this nasty head cold Erik and I acquired while there...and that we quickly get over it.

Around the house... some clean up here and there...maybe try to find some time for this reading thing you speak of.

One of my favorite things...is knowing that God's mercies are new every morning and there is NOTHING I go through, that He is not fully aware of, and all He wants from me is to trust Him, and let Him hide me under the shadow of His wings, so He can tend to me and my heart.

A few plans for the rest of the week... catching up of housework, and laundry...I am watching grand baby this Friday evening, high schooler's back-to-school night on Wednesday.....hmmm, that may sum it up for me.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Could not decide if I should post a picture of the beautiful Union Creek Gorge, the wonderful pictures of of my friends, or the wonderful pictures of (most) of my family, or a picture of the beautiful Crater lake, then I had to pick which one of the Crater Lake pictures I wanted to add....decisions decisions. We had a great time!!


Darla D. said...

You are such a dear lady, Andresa. I love how the simple things in life thrill your heart. I think you and I both get into nature the same! Nature teaches me so many lessons.

Julene said...

So happy to have spent time with you and your family!!! There were so many good pictures to choose from:0)
Sadly, Evan is starting with a really runny nose. I gave him a granola bar yesterday and he insisted he needed a new one 'cause he got snott all over the one I gave him - eeyyooo!

Sherri said...

chick-a-dee - I sure do miss you. God has such incredible plans for your life! I know in the short time I've know you, I absolutely love and adore you. When God sets someone in your path that has Kingdom purpose you just know it, and my friend you and I have Kingdome purpose! I love you, not for what you can do for me or for other, but just because you are such an amazing woman! No strings attached.

Joy said...

Oh your picture is making me so home sick! I was born roundabouts, but I've been living on the East Coast for a while now.

I laughed so hard when I read this line: we ARE out of coffee and that is as close to sin and I care to get... Amen, and amen. *grins*

Hope you have a great Monday!

A Gracious Home said...

That picture is beautiful. Those head colds are going around. It took me two weeks to get over mine. I would have to run to the store just for coffee. I don't drink a lot but my husband does. I didn't know that about a candle. I will remember that trick. I hope you have a blessed week and accomplish all your goals.Doylene