Monday, September 28, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook September 28

FOR TODAY...September 28th

Outside my window...lots of fog, a chill in the air, beautiful trees and mountains

I am thankful much as I want to shake them all...I am thankful for my family. If I want to shake them ALL....does that mean the problem is probably with me?

I am wearing...jeans, black flowy shirt, sandals I am re-breaking in for our trip to Disneyland

I am remembering...that everything in my life is as a direct result of God's hand in my life, so I need to be better about how I treat it...them.

I am going...a little crazy right now...but coming "home" soon, because I am not going to let my enemy get the best of me on this one.

I am bible bible...getting ready to teach a couple of lessons at our Ladies Retreat in October.

On my frazzled I am at this moment, and all the while, I have to study about JOY....the topic of said retreat....that is irony for you.

From the learning is called "learning room" so, I am learning to let joy be at my core, instead of whatever it is we are calling what I am this morning.

Noticing that...I should never try to do my daybook while my family is still home...wait for them to go to school and go to work.

Pondering these words...Newsboys song...Come up here We're making our way To the upside We're gonna stay on The upside We trade our troubles For a room with a view Come up here We're making our way To the upside A brand new day on The upside The future's brighter than a Sky full of blue....ahhh, I love that song.

From the kitchen...Monday night bible finger foods...our contribution, bbq wings

Around the much to do, so little time

One of my favorite things~even after all my screamin' and yellin' this family is one of my very favorite things.

From my picture journal...

Said family.... ;0)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

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Julene said...

What a good pic:0) Know all too well the frazeld mind and still....loving my family through it. Really looking forward to the Joy of the retreat! Almost here, whoo hoo!!!