Friday, February 12, 2010


You know...I WAS supposed to be better about blogging, but somehow, time just slips by, I get hooked into Facebook, I get too too busy and here you go, over a month goes by and no blog.  OK Lord, help me be better about this.
I am making it short, still, lots going on..especially today (took my daughter to the ER) but one thing I know, and am infinitely thankful for...God is in control....I am NOT in control.....God is in control!!!

Valentines day is soon, and I just have to say that no matter what (and there have been plenty of "whats") I am so in love with my husband, so thankful that God put us together, and barring the Lord's return, am excited to spend the next 50+ years with him. Hope you all have a great valentines day!!!

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