Friday, April 2, 2010

I gotta be better about this

Yes yes, I know, it has been forever since posting, and frankly, I am not sure anyone even reads these things, but that's ok.  We have been so busy it's ridiculous. Lots of changes in our family.  We have a son who is leaving for bootcamp in the next couple of month...can't believe it's already about that time, we recently felt the Lord asking us to step out in faith and move on from where we have been going to church for YEARS!!!  I just want to take a moment to address that... We have been members of our church for a matter of fact, Erik was heavily involved in ministry...I was involved, but mostly as a help mate recently....anyway, we felt the Lord calling us out from there and it was one of the most difficult things we have ever had to obey HIM in...we love that church, we love those people, we love the did not make sense to us, but it was clear clear clear that we had to step away and it is purely a step of faith.  We don't really know what's next, but we ARE trusting God and taking it a step at a time.  It really is important to me that people who know us and know the church know that there was not some big bad thing that happened or that we were unhappy or anything like that, I really don't want rumors to get started...we just had to be obedient and that's that. We are completely excited about the future, the present is a little hard because it's new, but we know HE has a future and a purpose for us...please keep us in prayer.
Other than that, there is not a lot, but yet a lot going on....anybody know what that's like?? :-) I (again) am going to try to be better about posting...until next time, everyone have a great day....IT'S GOOD FRIDAY....Praise the Lord for my SALVATION!!


Tawny said...

I am still reading! Can't wait to see you this weekend! XO

Sherri said...

I'm still reading too!
I'm sure this is just one more step on the journey to your promise! Keep full of faith & make sure to always stand guard against the lies of the enemy. I have no doubt he's in hot pursuit of your joy and excitement!
God is greater and His plans are greater than we can even imagine!
See you tomorrow, yipee!!!!

Julene said...

I am still reading, just catching up on all the fun computer stuff that I do:0) Love you!