Thursday, March 26, 2009


I suppose if someone was to ask me what I thought about my answer would be, "I love my life! I love my God, I love my husband, I love my children, I love my friends and family, I am very blessed." If someone was to ask me what I DO NOT like about my life...I would emphatically say..."Sometimes it just seems like it's too busy!" A very typical day has me doing a lot of busy stuff. In general, I don't mind..I mean, I AM a wife and mom, and I DO have church activities to attend etc etc....but sometimes I feel like I could use a good nap. I have to fight (sometimes) envying my sister, she has a pretty laid back life and doesn't have to do a lot of running around. Well, that is not entirely least she USED to have a laid back every time I call her, the kids tell me she is running somewhere to do, maybe she is actually catching up to me. Can you tell, today has been one of those busy days? ;-) I had to get up early and get to the DMV (we lost our registration to the car that Tom will be taking his test in tomorrow....FYI: go to the DMV right after they long lines). Because I was able to get in and out of there so fast, I was able to make it back to Blue Lake in time to make it to the kid's awards I am home trying to lighten the mountain of laundry in my home, must have clothes for my much anticipated trip to Medford....I can't wait to see you Saunders Family!!! So, now, I have a moment between loads to drop a quick blog. WHEW! To me, it does not sound like a lot, but it sure feels like a lot. And yes, this is a fairly typical day for me.
All that being said...would I say my life is TOO busy....the tired part of me would give a resounding yes...the God Loving part of me says "not to grow weary while doing good."
Pray for me.
Pray for Tom, too...he takes his drivers test tomorrow morning.
Have a wonderfully blessed day!



Julene said...

I hear you!!! Sometimes life is so tiring (sp?) and then I have days like yesterday when I have some amazing praise and worship songs going that make me want to literally take up a sword and do battle for the kingdom of God!! And I think...What can I do!! There's got to be more than this!
Anyway, can't wait to see y'all. May God be with you tomorrow during driving tests and travels! Luv ya!

Darla D said...

Since we didn't get to see each other this weekend, I am really happy you are going to the retreat! See you soon!