Monday, March 30, 2009

Where to Begin?

This weekend was absolutely wonderful for me. I really can't stand when things are bitter-sweet in our lives. We had a awesome time, and did NOT want to come home, however, life does go on. SO, as previously stated, our "weekend" started with me taking Tom to get his driver's license...he passed with flying colors..thank the Lord. Then we all loaded up the car and headed up to Medford to spend the weekend with the Saunders family. It was (again) WONDERFUL!! Getting to see old friends, and making new friends....being blessed and hopefully being a blessing...I cannot think of how this weekend could have gone better.
Let me show you what God did this weekend:
First....through the generosity of way was "made" so I can go on the women's retreat with my friends...I cannot express how very excited I am about much I need it, how much I felt I was supposed to be there (for me)...I just really felt the Lord wanted me there, but it did not look like I was going to get to go...and I was sad, but OK with it...and God's grace reached down and made a way for me.
Second....AGAIN through the generosity of friends....God's grace reached down and touched my son with a truck (his realistic dream truck as he puts it) for free. He will take possession of said truck soon (we did not bring it home yet)....the gift has made him a jolly, happy, can't stop talking about it..kid.
Third...We got to make new God's grace, He introduced us to some fellow "family members" and hopefully we can all get to know each other deeper.
Fourth...We got to meet up with some "already" friends...that was a great blessing for me as well.
My heart is overflowing with joy and love right now. I (we) deeply deeply love the Saunders family, and I know they are only 3.5 hours away....but I wish we lived 3.5 minutes away from each other...ugh!!
I love that God loves us so much, that He can bring people into our lives that we can truly love for a lifetime...the Saunders family are one set of those people in our lives....we ALL love each other...there is no my kids don't get along with her kids, my husband and her husband don't see eye to eye but put up with each other for the sake of their wives....none of those things. Yes, the kids are kids and they have their spats...but God has richly blessed us all.
I am in much anticipation for what God has for me, and wants from me this weekend....I hope this week flies by!!
Have a wonderfully blessed day!!


Tawny said...

Thankful hearts are so beautiful. XO

Julene said...

Yes, the Jacksons were a blessing too:) Only 3 more days till retreat - WAHOOO!
P.S. Got your lipstick and gift bag.