Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Beautiful Morning

Every morning when I wake up, it is usually still dark outside. I love to open my curtains while it's still dark, and just watch the night sky light up into day. We were supposed to have a nasty storm this last weekend, and while we DID have a "storm" we have had MUCH worse. So, I wake up this morning, to this:

I know I am so blessed to be able to have such beautiful views every single day. A few years back I determined I was a winter person...mostly because I really really hate the heat of summer. I like the sunshine of summer, just not the heat, then we have mornings like today...a beautiful sunny day, and 45 degrees outside. Maybe I am just a not-so-hot summer lover? But it IS beautiful this morning.
I have been having a problem with contentedness (is that a word). It's kind of hard to admit, but I know God is dealing with me on it. I have no idea why, but I believe God has put Nebraska on my heart...perhaps we will move there someday, and I cannot adequately express to you how much my heart longs for Medford again....I LOVED IT UP THERE!! Well, that longing for Medford, and this thing in my heart for Nebraska has really led me to not enjoy my surroundings, and I feel a bit of shame over it. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, I love everyone in my life, and I love everything I do in my life....but there has been this "thing" in me that has always believed California is not our settling place, and in my desperate need to always be in God's will, sometimes I forget that maybe things like Medford, or Nebraska ARE God's will, just not God's timing, and I should enjoy it here while I can.
I feel as though I am rambling....can anyone relate with me?
I have determined that I am going to be content no matter where we are...besides, I can always go visit Medford, pretty much any time I want, right?

Have a wonderfully blessed day!!


Darla D. said...

I have been praying to be content lately too. Content with my house (I'm seeing so many things that I wish were updated),content with my life etc. But then I wonder if there are longings in there that I am supposed to listen to. What does it feel like when the Lord is prodding us to move forward and He doesn't want us to be content??

Andresa said...

I think he always wants us to be content...being content is a state of mind and heart, not a state of living..I am not sure if I am saying that right. It makes me think of the word "wait" waiting is an action word....waiting does not mean stand still and do nothing, it means keep doing what your doing and let God tell you what's next. I think that is what I am learning (again, by the way) that, he places things in our hearts, wanting us to be content with the now, and the later. It has been my personal experience that when the timing is right, he ALWAYS confirms it to us somehow. So, like now for instance...he has placed things in my heart that I KNOW are from Him, he has confirmed it tooooo many times for me to doubt that, but he also gave me a dream (when I became slightly obsessed about what He placed there) and in the dream, it was VERY important to tell my friend (who I rarely see, whose name is Teri, which you will understand in a second) to read Habakuk 2:3. In the dream, it was an almost desperate feeling that I had to give that verse to Teri. Here is the verse:


Tawny said...

I so know what you are talking about. My heart longs to live in the South. I LOVED it there. I felt like I was created to live there. But I know I am where God wants me right now. I am glad He made us all experience similar things, so we can have companions on our journeys.

Julene said...

And YES! you can visit Medford anytime you want till the appointed time:)

Darla D. said...

Andresa,when you mentioned waiting being an action word, it reminded me of a song I hear on K-Love all the time (and that song also played in the movie Fireproof) and the chorus goes something like, "I'm waiting....and while I'm waiting I'm serving, I will worship...." It's really a great song. So, what's your connection with Nebraska?

Andresa said...

Honestly-I have NO connection to Nebraska, that is why it is so strange to me that God has really put it on my heart so deeply. Who knows what His plan is? At the very least, I pray for Nebraska.

Julene: THANK YOU!!! I am so excited about coming up this weekend!!

Tawny...amen to that! I lived in North Carolina for three years...it is actually where my oldest son was born, I do miss the south too.