Monday, October 19, 2009

So Much To Say

Don't let the title fool you...I probably won't make an actual novel out of today's blog, but I do have a couple of things to say....first, I will probably wait till tomorrow to do my daybook.

Next, I have to relate something that happened to me last week, I did not blog about it last week, because I was not sure if I was going to use it in any of my teachings at the retreat this past weekend. So, last week was the first week it really rained on us...we had a couple of days that it really was wonderful!!!! Most people who know me, know that I AM that one weird person in this world that actually loves winter and winter weather. OK, so, I was sitting at my desk, looking out my window, it was pouring down rain, all gray outside, with the green mountains in the background, and I had my candle warmer going with the scent of cinnamon, and I was wearing a nice warm sweater......and in that moment, that moment that lasted a few hours actually, I was overcome with the most complete peace and contentment I think I have ever felt. It literally was like the perfect moment. I just started thanking my God and praising him for giving me that, and I am looking forward to many more moments like it. Who knows, maybe today will be another perfect moment (except for the fact that Maggie is home sick...poor little thing).

Lastly, RETREAT!! It is a little hard for me to blog about the retreat, only in that, when you are the one coordinating it, and doing a lot of the teaching (I did have FANTASTIC help...thank you Annette and Natalie) it's a little hard to be objective about how it went. I think the true test of how it went is, how did the other ladies feel it went, the ones who did not have to teach, or make sure things got done. For ME...from my point of view, I had a wonderful time. I really felt the Lord met us there and did a great work, in me, and I know from comments from other ladies, God was doing a work in them as well. I am so thankful that we allow God to be in control and when we allow God to be in control, he completely takes care of every last little detail. There are so many "little details" that I could go into that was COMPLETELY God, but then I WOULD be writing a novel. So, let's just say, I have no doubt whatsoever that what HE wanted to have brought forth, WAS brought forth, people were touched, challenged, and excited about the future. What more can we ask for?

Whew...well, I think that about covers it for now...I DO have a sick daughter to tend, Have a GREAT GREAT GREAT day....FULL OF JOY!!!

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Darla said...

I like winter too Andresa! So there are two of us "weird" ones. I am more introspective in the winter and more willing to "sit" with God. I love candles (I don't have a fireplace. Wah!) and the gray days just make me love my cozy little house all the more.