Friday, May 6, 2011

A Beautiful Mid-Week Visit

We got to take a glorious trip to The Creek this week....
With Spring in the air, that means lots of hard work to get everything ready for a great summer of fun. This Spring however, means MORE than usual hard work: we were blessed with a new-to-us trailer. One that is twice the size of what we have up there, and that we get to completely gut and make our own. We are very excited. I haven't decided yet if I will blog our progress (before and after) but today, I will share the beauty of Spring at Redwood Creek.

My Japanese Maple is full of beautiful!

Miss Maggie, patiently waiting for her caterpillar to open up:

Our Bayberry Bush with fresh blooms on it:

I LOVE how green it is in Spring: 

A whole load of apple blossoms on the apple trees: 

And frankly, I just liked the way the sun was shining through the trees :0)

I know we have a lot of hard work in store for us over the next few weeks, but I also know that because God has provided EVERYTHING for this project, He will make it all worth the work in the end. I am just in a continual state of awe when I think about all He has done, and all He has provided, and how He KNOWS the desires of our heart. Even when we think we know what we will settle with instead of what we really want, He just steps in and gives us exactly what we really wanted.  :0) I am SOOOO in love with my Jesus, my Savior, my Father, and my Comforter!!
Have a truly blessed weekend!!

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