Sunday, May 15, 2011

Demo Day

Demo day was actually quite a blessing for us. We had some family and some friends come up and help us, and it all went pretty quickly. Here are a few pics of this weekends progress:

We decided to change the location of WHERE to set the "new" trailer, the green one will be gone soon.

I had to share a picture of our awesome grand-doggy Mac (he pretty much rocks)

The insides of the trailer, OUT!! WOOHOO!!

Menfolk working hard at demo (they seemed to really enjoy tearing things apart....hmmm)

Maggie and Mama peaking in through the window where the couch used to be:

OK, stinking camera ran out of batteries before the end of it all, but the stove, sink and counter are all gone too, as is all the flooring. The only thing we left in there is the bathroom. 

At the end of it all, some people had to head back down the hill, and some us of stayed behind and enjoyed the first REAL campfire of the season. (last weekends campfire was more of a smoke-fest, than a campfire). It was such a great way to end a busy day! I SO enjoy sitting around a campfire with friends and family and just enjoying the time together...

With all that I am, and all that I have within this minuscule being of mine, I can never cease thanking and praising my Lord for so many things, but right now, I feel so little in the light of the SO much He has done for us. 

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

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