Monday, June 1, 2009


Over Memorial weekend we had a brilliant plan to go the property and spend the night on Sunday and the most of the day on Monday....however, Sunday I started sneezing like crazy...I mean crazy crazy. So we persevered through the night around the campfire (my favorite part of camping by the way) and then went to bed. Not sleep so much, just bed....I had a hard time sleeping with the ever increasing pressure building up in my sinus's and my throat killing, then came the wonderful body ache...needless to say....I was worthless by Monday. We came home, hoping I would get better, but I progressively got bad I finally caved and went to the Dr....turns our that I indeed have a sinus infection.....but I also acquired an ear infection. Ahhh, the joys of sickness. Well, today is a new day, with a few days of meds in me....and I CAN FINALLY BREATHE AGAIN!! WOOHOO. Still a little bit of sinus issue but not too bad...the ear on the other hand....still have about half my hearing and a whole lot of ringing.
When you are as sick as I have been this last gets depressing. Well, it used to get a whole lot more depressing...watching my house get dirtier and dirtier, watching my kids eat cereal for dinner because I am too sick to get up and make anything and my husband is working know, all the mommy things we do....well....don't get done. In the past, that would have really depressed me and fed into my "I am a failure" mentality....I did feel it creeping up on me, but I decided to take the opportunity to just rest in the Lord, and draw from His strength and peace, and remembered that, this too shall pass, and I may have a little more work than normal when I come out of this, but it will get done...this housework and cooking (spaghetti for kids tonight, not cereal). I hate this struggle I get into of having to remind myself all the time that it's not about me...even when I am sick, it's not about me.

Breathing: when I can finally let go of all that binds me like a girdle and hinders my ability to breathe....when I can give it to Jesus, and he loosens those bindings and I take my first deep breath....breathing is wonderful....freeing.....breathing is life. Help me Lord to not bind myself up anymore, but to live in the freedom that IS YOU!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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