Monday, June 8, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook June 8

FOR TODAY (June 8)...

Outside my window...beautiful sunshine burning the mist off of the wonderful mountains outside my window

I am thinking...I hope this week FLIES by so we can go to Medford...can't wait to see good friends again.

I am thankful for...good friends, a hard working husband who loves me and children who still adore their mommy! IN SHORT: I am thankful for LOVE!

From the kitchen...thinking of making buffalo meatloaf tomorrow...tonight is home fellowship, and someone else is bringing dinner.

I am wearing...P.J. bottoms that look like a bag of popcorn, a p.j. shirt and a sweater and slippers.

I am creating...I am hoping to buy and plant some I guess I am gonna try creating an arrangement of plants outside this week...maybe...if time and money allows.

I am going...taking the kids to this last Monday of school for the year..and counting the days till Medford.

I am reading...still have not found a book to read yet...I need to look through the ones I have and have not read yet...hmmm

I am hoping...this week (well part of it anyway) goes by fast!

I am getting ready for school and Erik fixing Maggie's bike rodeo today at school.

Around the house...there is a mountain of laundry calling my name!

One of my favorite things...that first thing in the morning when the sun is out and all is quiet except for the birds chirping away outside, and being thankful that you live in small town, in a quiet part of town and don't have to listen to traffic...just the birds and the family!

A few plans for the rest of the week: birthday lunch with a friend...kindergarten graduation...and a trip to Medford.

Here is picture thought I am sharing.....

One of my many beautiful views out my window...I love the mountains!!


Julene said...

Thanks for sharing, hoping this week goes by fast too:)

Michelle said...

You do have beautiful views, Andresa! Keep watching them and listening to those calming sounds of birds and family and before you know it, your trip will be here. Have a wonderful time!