Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time Keeps on Slippin

Sometimes I am in awe at how fast time goes by. For instance....I could swear I just gave birth to Maggie and entered the strongest prayer mode ever because she was not breathing when she was born, and took three days to start breathing on her own....but now, here I am, getting ready for her kindergarten graduation tomorrow. It really does feel like I just walked her into her class for the first day of school....but that was several months ago.

Then there is Noah...he is already 8 years old, becoming more independent in the last month than he has ever been...trying out tricks on his bike...building elaborate Lego projects...about to enter the third grade.

And Tom...I don't even know where to begin with Tom. He is about to enter his senior year of high school...he works every day, very hard....but above it all....he has joined the Army. My little baby, my anchor to this earth when it was just me and him, and now he is a son to my husband, a brother to my little ones....and a soldier. I have a year to stew that over in my mind....he is a young man, who is such a joy to all of us.

Erik and I have been married nearly 9 years....where did it all go? I think we take time for granted. We think we have so much of it. We think we can't wait for certain times to be done and over with. Sometimes, we want other times to last forever. But none of the above are the cold hard fact of life...time just keeps going and going and going.

I am thinking I need to start taking better care of my time. I certainly take time for granted. I get so busy waiting for time to hurry up and get to what I want, that sometimes I miss the time I have now. Again, with me and my music...there is a chorus by a group called "Downhere", the song is called "Don't Miss Now", here is the chorus:

You get bumped and bruised and worse
For choosing the road less traveled
You know the reward is rich
If you persist through the darkest battles
Open your eyes,Your prize is right before you, somehow
Whatever you do, just don't miss now

I need to resolve that "whatever I do, just don't miss now"
Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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