Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The simple Woman's Daybook June 16

FOR TODAY (June 16)...(was supposed to be yesterday, but oh well)

Outside my window...a little foggy/rainy this morning...loving the neighbors beautiful flowers around their yard.

I am thinking...I should have eaten before drinking this really strong cup of coffee...shake shake

I am thankful for...who God made me to be, knowing that I am gifted with what HE wants me to do, not what I think I need to figure out so I can do.

From the kitchen...back to the Buffalo meat loaf today...forgot to pull meat out of freezer last week, so today is the day.

I am wearing...PJ's and a sweater...lets face it people, if I could live in my Jammie's, I would!

I am creating...hmmm, I think I need to find the definition for "creating" cause I don't feel very creative.

I am going...taking the kids to summer rec, then off to town to find a new handbag, the one I got for my birthday fell apart, got my money back and looking for a new one.

I am reading...have not started yet...but I am going to start the Little House On The Prairie series with my little ones....will be our reading for over the summer.

I am hoping...that my husband has a wonderful stress-free week at work...he is starting a new job(he is a painting contractor, so he is always starting a new job) and he usually gets himself worked up about time with a new job...so I am hoping he just relaxes, God blesses him and he just enjoys what he loves doing...painting.

I am hearing...silence....cannot express how much I love silence...well there is still this pesky ringing in my ear, but I choose to ignore it.

Around the house...little clean up here and there, try to get a couple of things organized.

One of my favorite things...chocolate.....I LOVE chocolate!

A few plans for the rest of the week: hopefully not much...regular schedule of bible studies, other than that, the biggest thing will be company coming this weekend and bringing my son home with them. Hopefully it will be great weather and we can go to the creek.

Here is picture thought I am sharing.....
Maggie's very fun kindergarten graduation...I cannot get over how fast the kids are growing!


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Andresa. I will keep praying for your health. I hope even today you are feeling better.

Good luck finding a new bag. Personally I'd rather carry my things in my old vinyl purse than go to the mall. It sounds like torture to me. I hope you enjoy it more than I would.

I'll also add Erik to my prayer list as he starts this job.

Oh, and it sounds like chocolate is on the menu for the next visit? You have something in common with a couple of people I know....

Gotta go take L to summer camp now and then get the lawn mowed... Have a good day.

Julene said...

Love your picture thought ~ She is sooo cute! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend, I need a break!!